Does touchphase.ended and touchphase.canceled both will be execute for the same touch.?

I am working on a game where player can fast tap on screen using multiple finger. sometimes i have observed touchphase.ended is not executing. as i have not handled the scenario for touchphase.canceled.
So is it possible touchphase.canceled is executed instead of touchphase.ended. Or there is issue with frame rate drop and touchphase.ended skipped. Touch event is running in LateUpdate().

Correct! One is on Fix and the other Late updates.

@vinilly I didn’t get you. I am using unity 5.3.8 so which one is on fix?

try both : Input.GetTouch(x).phase == TouchPhase.Moved || Input.GetTouch(x).phase == TouchPhase.Canceled.
look the doc Unity - Scripting API: TouchPhase.Canceled
And i’m runnin the same problem with fast move on touchscreen, there’s latency…