Does Unity 2.6 Pro support Windows 7 for standalone?

I am looking at deploying a game to both standalone and web on Windows 7. The current Unity Deployment Features page only indicates support through Vista.

Has anyone tried deploying a standalone to Windows 7? Any known issues?

Our development platform is Mac OS X - Unity 2.6 Pro


Yeah, it supports Windows 7 just fine. Editor, standalones, web player. I'll make sure we update the text on our website (hey, it's updated already).

I'm using Windows 7 and it's all right, the only problem it was that when I updated to Windows 7 I loose the license because Unity thought that it was another machine.

in my case it dont works. sops responding every 5 minutes, then you need to restart computer. i have probably the best computer out now, so there must be problem in unity not in my machine - hardware. ( using windows 7 ultimate 64-bit)


If it does support windows 7, how does the behavior in Mac is different in Windows? I mean we almost have our game done and tested in Mac as standalone and everything works fine. But when we build windows standalone and tested in windows 7, somehow it works different as in Mac. Like interaction some times went wrong, particle emitter renders are enabled but it supposed to be off.

Is it because of PC or our scripts? So frustrating! Does anyone know what's wrong? Thanks.

There are major difference:

Windows thread handling is different. Windows uses DirectX, not opengl

But the things you mention sound like something else thats going wrong, as thats not a platform thing in general, but it could very well be a thing related to depth sorting and shaders.

i also use windows 7 64bit and mine keeps crashing as well