Does Unity 2.6 support COLLADA

Does Unity 2.6 support COLLADA

I get this error when I use editors inport asset

ImportFBX Errors: Couldn't import file C:/Users/paul/Documents/UnityGames/theGame/Assets/3Dmodels/testBox_with_mat_imgae.dae. Unidentified error

Unity supports Collada, although there's no definite statement on Unity's website. People have made it work to an extent before, but I've never seen it work fully functionally. Try checking to make sure your Collada file is valid. It's probably better to export it to FBX, however.

Unity supports COLLADA (through FBX SDK).

"Unidentified error" must be returned from FBX SDK (which is used in Unity to load COLLADA files). You should submit a bug, so we can make sure it works with latest Unity. If it doesn't we will contact Autodesk support (or fix it on Unity side).

As people already said: the short term solution is to try your luck by exporting to FBX.

You would probably want to convert the file to an FBX; as the error says, it thinks it's trying to import an FBX file (Import FBX Errors...). The best way to do this, in my opinion, is to import the DAE file into Blender 2.49, (2.5 doesn't support imports yet) and export it as an FBX. If you don't have Blender, you can download it here. Good luck!