Does Unity 3 have native resource localization support?

I want to create an iphone app with localized text and images for a variety of languages/cultures. Is there a native way to do this in Unity or do I need to create a custom .NET library that reads XML files?

You can use Application.systemLanguage to get the user's OS language - but any higher level localization you need to do yourself.

Since a google search on "localization unity" didn't turn up anything relating to native support, I think you will have to do something on your own.

Didn't look much at it, but this also looks cool


I have made an asset for localization using Excel. Please take a look and let me know what you think !

If you’re involved in software localization projects, you might want to check out this great, collaborative online localization tool:


Reference this unity asset : DocsPin Asset , Overview

Following are the features of DocsPin.

  • Retrieve data from Google Drive
  • Save and upload in local file all of Google Drive data
  • Protect and encode data
  • Manage multi-language text data