Does unity convert wav's to mp3 on iphone build?

Are wav’s in a unity project converted to mp3’s during an iphone build? If so is that true no matter what folder they are in? Resources? Documents? Streaming Assets?

I have an iphone project with wav’s and they are large and I would like them to compress them to ogg, but then I read that unity will not play ogg so now I’m confused. They are also in the streaming assets folder.

Should I convert them or is there some process of doing a build that converts and optimizes audio files?

You don’t need to worry with the formats, when building the project Unity will automattically convert all audio to it’s own format. In other words, if you can play the sound in your asset browser you’re good to go

Only if you tell it to. There are various audio format import methods, each suited to different needs. If you don’t select a lossy compression it won’t be mp3. Using mp3 is recommended for bgm/etc because it will be played by the iPhone’s built in hardware codec, but only one sound may be played in this way at once (including via iTunes). You can also select quality/etc.

See the documentation for details. Also note that its technically the import settings, not the build settings. Where they are will make no difference.