Does Unity get a percentage every time I the developer makes a sale on the market?

In developing for any market; rather iphone, Android, Windows etc. By using Unity will I, the developer have to pay Unity a percentage of some sort - in what I sell on the gaming market?

No you won’t.

Unity does not charge on a per title basis and you do not pay royalties or pay revenue share, even for games and applications made with the free version.

However, the free version of Unity may not be licensed by a commercial entity with annual gross revenues (based on fiscal year) in excess of US$100,000, or by an educational, non-profit or government entity with an annual budget of over US$100,000.

Also, if you are selling on the iOS App Store you will have to pay a fee to Apple.

Apple charge 15 % I believe, unity do not unless you make 100 thousand dollars, that is also 80 thousand pounds and you have to have had free unity. Android is free; however if you have Unity Pro everything is free except that charge from - I think you must have pro already as you have the iOS build which requires a pro license.

So to recap, I don’t pay Unity anything until I reach a turnover of $100,000 then I must purchase a Pro license… I/We only pay the game/app sellers like, Apple etc. Got It…

BUT The question remains, how does Unity know if and when I reach over $100,000 turnover? Is it just honesty based?

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