Does Unity have Camera Nodes?

I am trying to do a virtual tour of my game and I am looking to see if Unity has a way to lay down camera nodes so if I press the left arrow key it will go to the next node and if I press the right arrow key, it will go to the previous node…

Sure - transform components describe position and rotation in space, and every gameobject has them. Just create an empty gameobject for each node in your tour, and lerp/slerp the camera’s position/rotation between them.

Storing transforms in an array is one way of doing things, then using if (Input.GetKeyDown(whateverkeyyouwant)), then just incrementing a variable and using Vector3.lerp(thistransform.position, cameratransforms[variable].position), although it can be a bit annoying and will end up cluttering your scenes to a fair degree if you do it much. You can also use things like iTween, which can simplify this, and even improve it to a great degree, as well as remove clutter.
Good luck!