Does Unity Inport Weight Painting From Blender

The Unity reference manual says that these are currently imported from Blender:

  1. All nodes with position, rotation and scale. Pivot points and Names are also imported.
  2. Meshes with vertices, polygons, triangles, UVs, and normals.
  3. Bones
  4. Skinned Meshes
  5. Animations

Does this mean that if I weight paint my mesh in Blender, then the deformations on the mesh created by movements of the armature will be affected by the weights I set(in Blender weight paint mode) when running in Unity?

Yes, it would be impossible to use animations otherwise.

"It would be impossible to use animations otherwise."

What do you mean by that?

If i create animations in blender (as know as "actions") on a weight painted blender model. Could i use unity animation features such as animation cross fade, mixing,... ?

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