Does unity make me pay for downloads?

does unity make me pay when someone downloads my game if I don’t make money off of it? also if I do make money off of it how much money do they get?

If you’re on the Unity Personal or Plus plans, the Runtime Fee does not apply. The new Unity Runtime Fee will only apply to Unity Pro and Unity Enterprise.

Changes to pricing and Unity plans 2023 FAQ | Unity

Unity won’t receive any money from you if your game is made with unity version 2022LTS or older. So you only pay for games made with 2023LTS(new name Unity 6) or later. Also you need to make more than 200.000USD first. At that point you will have to move to pro/enterprise which will increase the cap to 1.000.000USD and 1.000.000 user in the last 12 months.

For estimated prices use the fee estimator, it is probably not accurate to the last digit but it will give a rough outline :
Runtime Fee Estimator.

There is also a cap of 2.5%.