Does Unity provide a Vector3 Curve similar to AnimationCurve?

Hey guys

So far my usage of AnimationCurves has been limited to animating single float values (for example, controlling the alpha of a color over time).

Now I’m in a situation where I want to use animation curves to animate things like the scale of an object:

alt text

alt text

As you can see I’m using 1 AnimationCurve for each axis. My question is: am I reinventing the wheel? Does Unity already provide a Vector3 AnimationCurve set?

If Unity does not provide this I would like to move towards making my own Editor classes to present these curves in a nicer way. I have noticed that Shuriken has it’s own curve fields:

alt text

Somehow Shuriken is drawing a custom field for the curves, and is also drawing a custom curve editor.

How would I go about drawing curves like this to the inspector?
How does shuriken make the extra editor window appear at the bottom of the inspector?
How could I write a custom curve editor to show my 3 curves at the same time?

My curves PropertyAttribute:

The drawer:

you can create a AnimationClip with scale,and then use Unity - Scripting API: AnimationClip.SampleAnimation to get scale over time