Does unity remote has something to do with SDK?

So im facing this problem when i tried to build my apk, Android SDK not found. I’ve tried a lot of ways to fix this problem but they didnt work. But the weird think is that my unity remote is still working perfectly fine, no error or so whatever. My SDK path that i use is the same when i tried to bulld my app. So i wonder, does unity remote actually use SDK or maybe spesific file regarding the device that i use?

The Unity remote app has absolutely nothing to do with building an app ^^. The Unity remote app is just a remote control app for the Unity editor application. So all this app does is viewing a video live stream from the editor and forwards the input of the device to the Unity editor. So when you test your game inside the Unity editor with the Unity remote app, you haven’t build anything yet. The game just runs in the editor.

Yes you need to install the Android SDK in order to build for Android. I’m not sure if you can get the Android SDK standalone nowadays. Google has packaged the SDK with their Android Studio. Once you have downloaded and installed the SDK you also have to make sure you have updated the SDKs and installed a high enough platform support in the SDK manager / Android Studio. Of course you have to set up the path to the Android SDK in the Unity editor settings.

Haven’t done any android builds in the last years. According to the Unity documentation the Andoid SDK can be included when you install Unity through the Unity Hub.

There have been countless questions in the past how to setup the Android SDK for Unity. Of course some details changed over time but the general process is the same.