Does Unity still require the unmodified splash screen in the Personal edition?

I read in this article that new versions of Unity will allow to use a customized splash screen in the Personal edition, is that true? is this already implemented in Unity 5.3.5?


As a side note, I can’t avoid to think that the reason to require the logo in the Personal edition is that the logo could be somehow associated with poorly designed and unpolished games from the point of view of whom might buy the game. That way all the developers would want to remove the logo buying some payed edition. Otherwise the logo requirement wouldn’t be necessary, on the contrary those developers that want to be associated with the brand voluntarily would keep the logo even in payed editions.

I don’t really understand your edit note but, to answer your main question, the splash screen tools are aimed to be released in 5.5 (source: In Development - Unity Splash Screen tools | Unity Blog)