Does Unity support .bik videos ?

I’m pretty much a newcomer in Unity3D world and last time I was curious if it does support .bik videos ? Or maybe there is some extension for it ? I’ll be grateful for answering.


It doesn’t support it unfortunately, and I don’t think it’s possible to implement it as a plug-in either at the moment. This is brought up on though, go have a vote!

Unity supports the video formats: MOV, AVI, ASF, MPG, MPEG and MP4VIDEO

Note that file extension .bik refers to the Bink codec offered by RAD Game Tools.

I believe that this is currently not a possibility. There are a couple of threads on the unity forums which discuss it, as well as a couple of other questions here.

Here is what is probably the most direct answer:

A forum thread discussing it:

You can always add your desire to see integration added to the Unity Wishlist as well:

Hope this helps!