Does Unity support Playstation Move?


I am interested in created an environment in Unity where the user has control using the Playstation move for my Thesis Project. I am aware that there is the uniMove plugin but unfortunately it only works with mac (cant afford that yet!). Does Unity support the move? or would I have to use another developing environment? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Not natively, no. A plugin is the only option.

I found this information it discusses the possibility of installing the SDK into Unity (PlaystationMove Wrapper Package) Has anyone had success with this?

For create a Playstation game using MOVE,register in Playstation partners,access to devnet and download unity for ps4 with move and ps4 vr,on buy the specific devkit for the last ps4 version.
For publish go to build settings,regenerate key,go to option build,prepare game for the shop,build,clik publish and add title,description,image,screenshoot,trailer,copyright,language,pesi certification ecc ecc