Does Unity take care of unseen objects?

I trying ot figure out how to make a simple 2d platform game with a little bit of perspective. I have never worked with Unity.

For the backgrond Id like to use different long planes. For example one for mountains, many for the clouds, and one for the blue sky as to give the background more depth.

I don’t know what’s the technical name for this, but I suppose that the render engine hides the triangles you are not seeing as to get better performance. Does that work for the whole object (a long plane) or for individual triangles of an object? For example if I have a long plane of the entire level will that affect performance or will the engine simply discard the triangles we are not seeing?


The effect you are referring to is parallax scrolling.

To clarify, Unity does not hide unseen triangles if part of the mesh falls within a camera’s frustum (visible area). Unity employs frustum culling which negates any geometry that completely falls outside of the frustum, so in order to make your scene more efficient you would need to take multiple tiles for your background and string them together to simulate contiguous geometry.

Hope that helps.


Thanks, so Id need to create different pkanes for creating the illusion of a continuous background.