Does Unity WebGL application run in Iphone browser ?

I have a webGL based unity application that I want to run in apple Safari browser. How can I get it working in the same.

I am using unity version 2021.3.16.

Is there some problem or errors that it doesn't work correctly?

The same application is working fine when played in chrome but is getting stuck at the start in safari. I read somewhere that safari might not be compatible browser to run webGL application.
Just want to know any work around for it if there is?

what ios version?

is it webgl1 or webgl2 build?

IOS 17 and webGL2

maybe related to this

[quote=“mgear”, post:6, topic: 934154]
maybe related to this
But is there any way to integrate it, like with a react container or something?

i don't know anything about that..