Does Unity WebGL support Xbox One controllers? (as of 5.4.0f3)

I am drafting out some plans for an Arkanoid clone I’m going to build as my second training project in using Unity for game development, as well as learning for a video game co-op I want to take in the summer of 2017.

I’m thinking of seeing whether by programming the game to handle input from the Xbox One game controller, when I build it for the web (WebGL), it will recognize the input. It would then execute what does what based on what buttons I press, or whether my analog sticks are at different positions.

In other words, is the Xbox One controller compatible with Unity WebGL as of 5.4.0f3?

For now, my input for my clone is simply both the keyboard and the mouse. There will be settings for which the input gives the paddle acceleration, or the input just sets their position directly with no acceleration model added.

WebGL relies on the browsers compatibility for Gamepad support. Generally if the system is capable and the users browser supports Gamepad support through WebGL then you’re good to go.

Please see the following documentation as it explains Gamepad support and browser compatibility.

WebGL Input

Browser Compabilities(search gamepad on page)

Furthermore the compatibility does not specify particular hardware, but just whether or not the browser is allowed to interact with the host platform configured inputs.


Safari 9 and lower, IE11 and lower do not support WebGL Gamepad support, while Chrome v46+, Firefox v42+ and Edge(v13 of IE) do support this.