Does UnityScript (Javascript) support classes/structs?

I have not found an adequate answer to this question.

I need to keep track of positions of game objects I spawn via scripts. To do so, I would like to encapsulate the relevant data in a struct or class. I am wondering what it takes to do the equivalent in Javascript/UnityScript.

struct NPC
float x;
float y;
float z;
int age;
float money;

Does Javascript have an equivalent? I need to make arrays of these objects and rather than make 5 separate arrays of each type, I want to declare one array of just the object.

Thank you.

Sure, a struct in Unityscript is the keyword:

extends System.ValueType

Here’s a critical distinction between structs and classes:

there are many questions “how to Struct in unityscript” on this on the site, eg …