Does Web GL build supports offline deployment?


I’m trying to build my app on Web GL but I need it offline. Does Web GL build supports offline deployment like Web Player does?

Thanks in advance.

On the Building and Running a WebGL Project page, it is specified how you can run WebGL build offline. It states that,

You can view your WebGL player
directly in most browsers by simply
opening the index.html file. For
security reasons, Chrome places
restrictions on scripts opened from
local file: URLs, so this technique
will not work. If you use Unity’s
Build & Run command (menu: File >
Build & Run) then the file will be
temporarily hosted in a local web
server and opened from a localhost URL
(this avoids the security
restrictions). You can also run Chrome
with the --disable-web-security
command line option to enable it to
load content from file: urls.

As already answered the “offline” version is the same as the “online” version just run from disk.

We don’t support mobile devices with WebGL hence the error message.