Doesn't TextMeshPro being in Package Manager yet needing Essential Resources defeat the purpose?

Hi, everyone.

Working on my automated build, unitlizing batchmode. I’m under Unity 2019.2. Like many, we render all text via TextMeshPro. In general, TextMeshPro is considered a package, is listed in the Package Manager’s manifest file and is resolved/downloaded by Unity. However, TextMeshPro has this special step called “Import Essential Assets” which is, khe khem, not automatable. At least not if you follow the rule of “only version control your code, not their code”.

So I was wondering, doesn’t this requirement for Essential Assets defeat the purpose of even being a package fully governed by the Package Manager? What’s the point of doing it but “not really”?

I wonder if I’m missing something important here.


Well, it does defeat the purpose. It’s in the Package Manager, but it’s not a real package when I have to version control some manually imported content Stuff that could just be resolved by Unity automatically.