DoF with transparent shaders in Unity 5


so I know this question has been asked heaps, and I tried every single shader tweaks to make it work, but the fact is UNITY 5 CANNOT HANDLE DOF WITH TRANSPARENT CUSTOM SHADERS. This is as simple as that.

So now, workarounds… Anyone has a good idea on how the following could be achieved?
I have a 3D model of a planet that is the center of “the world”. The main (and only) camera is revolving around this object. I want the planet to be blurred if an object is between the camera and the planet, but only while the object is within a certain range.
So I just described DOF, I know, but since it is not working (my planet has a transparent object around it to simulate the atmosphere) I need to find a workaround.
My idea so far is to render the planet and the skybox using one camera (A), other objects with another camera (B), and blur camera A if oject is within the defined range. Old PS2 style DOF.

Thing is I have no clue how to implement this. I don’t know how to overlay camera - but I do know how to assign objects to layers.
Can please someone point me towards something that would be helpful to solve this problem?

Thanks so much.


Solved it. If anyone is interested in the solution, shout out.


YES!!! I’m facing this problem too!!