Doing dynamic normal maps (for realistic face wrinkles) in Shader Forge?

I’m trying to get wrinkles to appear dynamically on my model’s face while it talks. Sort of like what happens here: Dynamic normalmaps for faces | jan bubenik | diploma project

I’m new to shaders (not new to coding) so I’d rather just jump into Shader Forge since it looks quite pleasant to work with. I’m just wondering whether the aforementioned approach would work. From what I understand the shader detects bone displacements and then uses that to make parts of the wrinkle maps appear through the use of masks. Any idea if this is possible in SF?

Maybe ShaderForge can help you here, but it requires some more effort to get these normal maps going:

  • the normal map are rendered separately and not in the final shader which uses the normal map on the character. Weights combined with masks and input normal maps calculate a final normal map.
  • Mapping the bone deformation to the normal map has been a rather custom process back then and I would not recommend that anymore. The easiest way would be if you use blendshapes. Then you could easily create a weight table which links the normal map parts to certain blend shapes.