Doing tutorials but cannot find prefab

Maybe someone can delete this post as i finally worked it out myself.

Hi, This is my absolute first attempt to work with Unity. I have bought the book"Unity Game Development Essentials" by Will Goldstone.

As i am working the book i realize it is probably written for an older version of Unity, which i have been able to handle until now.

On page 56 it is stated that in the Standard Asset there should be prefab where i should find a readymade "First Person Controller" object. It is not there and i wonder if someone can tell me where and how to find that prefab?

There is a 1st person controller script as standard assetts. Go to component ~> scripts ~> FPS controller

Bobadebob: OK, sorry for not doing this correct but now i know :-)

Here is the answer, i found what i was looking for in the "Character Motor" prefab.

Click Assets/Import Package/Charactor Controller.

Then click Import button.

Hey! I have the same problem did u find a solution?