Don't Load Collected items

My Problem is that i have coins in the game (all coins are childs in one main EpmtyGameObject Prefab) and the player can collect them. but how can I make it NOT to load them again if the player has collected them,Using PlayerPrefs if possible because I want the user be able to restart the hole game (By clicking the reset game button on the settings of the game,Witch will reset PlayerPrefs) and have these coins back

(some levels have 2 coins some have more than 30)

Keep the coins referenced in an array of bools on the player. When you start a new game set all bools to false, when the player picks up a coin set that coins bool to true in the array.

When a level loads only show the coins set to false.

Don’t know how many levels you have but you could have an array for each level.

You still need to save to playerprefs but, happily, that’s been made a whole lot easier because of this: