Don't release a bug version of Unity Hub

Do not waste our time anymore.
I have reported that the 3.0.0 beta 9 contains a login issue, it seems you haven't fixed it and keep it in the official version.
Also, the Hub v3 can not recognize and remember any of my Unity Editor Installations.

Please, don't RECOMMEND us to download the Hub v3 if you are not ready.
Please provide a download link of hub v2, that we still have a chance to continue our work.

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I also like to return to the previous version. v3 is not ready

beta 9 is only available in mainland China, the global version is only available in beta 7.

The released Hub is not working either.

Having same issue here with login.

I am still in Hub 2.4.2 and while it randomly removes my project from the list (which is crazy on so many levels), i think will stay with it for a few more years as this is going more downhill with every new version.

I don't see any reason why would release a Hub 3.0, instead of first fixing the multiple issues with v2.0, as a first logical step. Instead v3.0 is not only not fixing the missing projects issues, but creating a myriad of new issues that did not exist before.

Please stop producing new and fix the old, this is true for Unity editor as well, where Unity 2020-21 editor is 3x to 10x slower in the same machine than Unity 2018, without any apparent reason why it should be this way.

I am still looking for a solution to the login issue and cannot login. I receive a "Something went wrong. Please sign in again." error message whenever I click Sign In.

where's hub v2 download link??