Don't understand parent vs child transform in world and localspace

I have a cube (cube1) at world 0,0,0 with a scale of .05. I create another cube (cube2) which I place at world 1,0,0 also with a scale of .05. Now if I move cube2 so it becomes a child of cube1, the transform of cube2 in X becomes 19.1544. Should’t it still be 1 ? I mean, it is still 1 unit away from it’s parent object. What does that 19.1544 means?

The value of 19.1544 is wrong and should be 2. Since your childed cube 2 is 1 world space unit away from cube 1 but has a scale of .5, that’s a distance of 2 (1 / 0.5). Something else must have gone wrong if you get that number.