DontGoThroughThings cant handle respawn?


I am using DontGoThroughThings, because my marble falled under the map.

It is working fine untill the player respawns. Then then marble goes crazed, and spawns under the map a little, but just enought to fall to the ocean. This triggers another respawn, and it goes like this forever. I have tried to deactivate the script before the respawn, and reactivate it after the player is spawned, but I still have the problem.

Any suggestions?

hav the respawn position set above the map so that gravity pulls it down to the map.

I have managed to fix it by doing the following:
I have added a new trigger event right before the respawn collider. It has deactivated the script, then the marble has been respawned. Then, after 1.5 seconds, I have reactivated the script. This way, it looks like it is working.