Doodle Jump-like open level edges


So I´m currently working on a vertical platformer and I wondered how to create those “open” level edges like Doodle Jump, Mega Jump etc.

alt text

The main problem is I don´t know the specific naming of that feature so if anybody could give me a hint on where to find it and how to get more info about I´d be grateful :slight_smile:

I´m using the “Corgi Engine” to do this. In case anybody reading this has been wroking with it already. It has a “Level Border” Script which appears to be the closest solution to me so I just leave the script here for now. Sorry, 99% artist, 1% programmer speaking here :stuck_out_tongue:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
/// <summary>
/// Add this class to a boxcollider to signify the bounds of your level
/// </summary>
public class LevelLimits : MonoBehaviour 
	/// left x coordinate
	public float LeftLimit;
	/// right x coordinate
	public float RightLimit;
	/// bottom y coordinate 
	public float BottomLimit;
	/// top y coordinate
	public float TopLimit;
	private BoxCollider2D _collider;
	/// <summary>
	/// On awake, fills the public variables with the level's limits
	/// </summary>
	void Awake () 

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