doom style brightmaps in unity

Hi there,
Is there a way to have a texture brightmaps like in doom or quake? the emission setting in unity makes the texture glow with light and that’s not the effect I need. I just want the texture parts to be fully visible in the dark, like in this image:

those red elements - they don’t glow, don’t emit light, they are just not effected by the shadows. This is the effect I need. Is there a tool in unity for this?

Yes, there you go:

  1. Create a new Material in the project folder.
  2. Select it and select this shader: Unlit/Color or Unlit/Texture
  3. Set color and done

You do make it sound like some special effect, but as far as I can tell, you really only need a shader, that renders a simple color or texture without it being affected by lighting? Then, this should do.