Door disappearing problem Unity 5.3 3D.

Hello everyone,
I made a little scene where you are able to walk and interact with objects, and I have 2 door with which you can interact.
(The Bathroom & the kitchen, But every time when I interact with the door it either warps away like it was possessed (not indented) or it just disappears.

I have here a link to the Project, it is in media fire in a rar file.
In some of the scripts I may have overreacted because I was mad it did not work and I may have put a few frustrating words in them, I am sorry for that. I just had a sleepless night a few times because I could not find the solution to the problem.

I am honestly at a loss.

Here is the link :

Maybe some of you can figure out the problem.
Honestly, I do not know what to do next…

Thank you all for your help in advance and have a nice day,
Daniel Nowak Janssen.

The pivot of the mesh is wrong. Try to create a 3D object and change the mesh. You will see what is wrong. (You must change the rigidBody of the door to kinematic too).