door open close using unity 4.6.1 new UI system

hello,m new to unity,don’t know much about scripting…

i want to control the opening and closing of my door using the new UI button of unity(version 4.6.1f).

added open close animation in the door and marked as legacy,

then in a new UI Button,inside the on click function option selected door object(drag n drop) then in function i selected animation.crossfade string and typed the name of animation i.e open. its working fine door is opening…
then clicked on the + button to add another animation using the above step, but its
not working,

m only able to open the door… how to do open and close both…

Is it possible doing this ??

Hello friend! This forum is for technical issues relating to Unity, not a training forum. However you are in luck! I found this tutorial on Opening/Closing doors on YouTube. Feel free to start there. [Unity4] Opening doors using raycasting (JavaScript) - YouTube

Also if you are new to scripting, I recommend also checking out: Unity 3d: Simple First-Person Shooter Tutorial - Part 1 - YouTube

if you want to check some code I uploaded a simple scene with a toggle button - take it look and let me know if something is not clear to you