DOTS NetCode: Player position not replicated on server

I have a project that’s built on the DOTS Sample project for NetCode. I’ve changed as little as possible when it comes to the NetCode side of things.

I recently noticed that my player character (a cube, ghost object pulled almost directly from the DOTS Sample Project) doesn’t actually sync it’s position up with the server in the editor. The cube moves around on the client side but any calculations that use the player’s position done on the server seem to think the player is still at world origin.

The cube is set to Client Prediction and the GhostAuthoringComponent is aware of all of the components on my gameobject. Any idea what’s going on?

One thing to note: I don’t have internet. I know, it sounds braindead to expect online multiplayer to work without actually being online but the other client-server communications seem to be happening:
Code triggered by a button press on the client is running on the server. It’s just the movement that isn’t syncing up. I’ve tagged code as UpdateInWorld (client/server) so I assume the connection has to exist for client code to be communicating with server code.

Upon closer inspection, the issue I had was not that the player wasn’t in the same place as the serverside version but that the equation I was using the position for was using the position wrong, leading to the errors that looked like the server position was incorrect.

It’s all been fixed now.