DOTS subscene occured build error

  • The error I had was
    when I build Unity, when I include a sub-scene in a normal scene, I got a build error

  • Test in the following order

  1. Create a new 3d URP project with unity 2022.5.1f. ( occurred equal error in every version )
  2. In packagemanager with packagename com.unity.entities. Install the graphics package.
  3. Install the com.unity.platforms package from packagemanager with packagename.
  4. Create Main Scene
  5. Create Cube
  6. Create Sphere
  7. Select Area in Main Scene Hierarchy subScene From selection
  8. Create Build Configuration
  9. Set Build Configuration
  10. Run and Run Build

*Screenshot of the error

*Unity Screenshot

Why did I get such an error in my Unity build? the test is uncomplicated very simple. dots 1.0 graphics is noy ready for builds yet? If there is something that is obviously not ready, I would like it to be known in advance. I want to provide efficient testing, not unnecessary waste of time.

i made thred in dots forum at last friday, but unitytechnology have no respone. so i recreated this article