Double checking inputs or communicating scripts ? efficiency question

Hello everyone, i have a simple question about organizing my scripts. In my game, i have a script called anim controller, which checks player inputs in order to determine if we are running, jumping, walking or simply idling and plays anims through animator according to these situations, i handled the logic with booleans as you could imagine. Now, i am going to write my character controller script, which will adjust the speeds and velocity values of the character depending on player input. What i like to ask is, should i make the input checks in my character controller again seperate from my anim controller ( game already checks the inputs in my anim controller as i said, and inputs will be the same with char controller, just wasd shift key and space key ) or should i make the char controller script to communicate with anim controller, and behave according to the booleans over there. Im asking this because i care about the script optimization, which will be more efficient. Im coding in c#, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The primary point to focus on at this stage is code maintainability and work flow efficiency, rather then performance.

I typically suggest handling all of your input in once in one class. That way if you decide you need to change keys later there is only one class to modify.