Double Click Speed?


I am about to implement double click behavior. My test works well:

if (Event.current.clickCount == 2)

Now, the click speed is so slow. I feel as though some users of my program may double-click when they didn’t intend to because the delay between clicks can be pretty big.

Does anyone know how to adjust this behind the scenes parameter?

I feel my whole system is at the same double-click speed and I just never noticed before.

So alternatively, if someone could verify that the double-click speed is coming from the OS I could leave it alone.

Thank you very much if you take time to share your knowledge with me.

this works:

	public float timer=0f;
	public float clickspeed= 0.5f;//<-adjust time here
void Update () {
if (timer < clickspeed) {timer+=Time.deltaTime;}
print(" i double clicked spacebar. Time between clicks was:"+timer);}