Double clicking console output does not take me to the corresponding line in code.

Hey everyone,
I have been using the main version of Unity and when I do a Debug.Log(“blah”); in code, if I double click the output in the console (when the code is run), it will focus on Visual Studio and hi-light the line of code that printed the output…
I since switched to Unity Beta and now it’s not working (no matter how many times I click…and trust me, I’ve probably clicked at least 100 times. :slight_smile: )…
I have looked online for the answer, but none of the answers I have found have helped. I’m hoping it’s an easy setting I’m missing…
Any ideas? Is there a setting I’m missing?


Nobody has the answer to this?
Is there a setting in Unity where you can double click output in the console and it shows you the line of code that caused that output?

thank you