double collision detection in breakout game

Hi! im making an arkanoid clone, and im having some issues with the ball physics… since i noticed that unity’s physics system doesnt work as i need, i decided to create my own. im using walls with tags and only trigger colliders to detect where the ball hits and change its direction… but on corners i found that when detects 2 colisions (becouse im using 2 colliders for side and top walls) it jus picks one and ignores the other one… when this happends the ball just go out of bounds becouse ignores one of the walls instead of go exacly on the opposite way as it should do…
Im using the OnTriggerEnter2D void to make the collisions but it just executes one time per frame… its any way to execute it twice? or is there a collision list to know how many and wich objects im colliding with?

Hi. To know what the ball has collided with, its script should have :

void OnTriggerEnter2D (Collider2D coll) {
print ("Ball collided with " +;