Double License personal and professional?


I have a professional unity 5 license for business. But I’m also working on a hobby project with some friends on the same desktop computer. My friends are using personal edition of unity and I want to work on the same project.

I read that I can solve this problem by installing unity twice, with two parallell installations, and activate a personal license for one of the installations.

I did and, at first, it seemed to work. But now it seems as soon as I activate a license with one of my installations, the same license starts being used by both installations.

How do I set it up so I can use the same computer to work with both professional and personal license projects?

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No, not in a good way. So far Ive inactivated and activated my professional license each time. Very anying and a bit scary, sine each time Im a bit worried the professional one wont work again :-/