Double Pass SDF shader only works on overlay canvas?

I want to use a large outline effect on my font, and I'm using the double pass SDF shader to avoid character overlapping. But it seems to work only on canvases set to screen space overlay.

Couldn't make the shader work properly in any other context: world/camera space canvas text or mesh renderer text (not UI). Either the face pass is not being rendered or it's being overlapped by the outline pass. The same happens in scene view, but that this a minor problem, as long as it works in runtime.

Anyone else having problem with that? Any workaround or config I should look for?


We're seeing the same thing. @HugoBD-Unity Any workaround we could use? Is this a known issue?
Would really love to use double pass shader. But can't author any textFields using it currently


Actually it seems the issue is using URP. In URP, no matter the UI canvas type, the text displays all black in scene view.

Actually, just add "LightMode"="UniversalForward" to the second "Face" pass tags and working now