Double raycast from a single enemy when it shoots.

Hello all,

While I was attempting to create my fps game after some modifications I made when the enemy shoots it double shoot each time. I can see that the raycast from the debug.drawray that it flashes two times simultaneously. I lost myself while I saw that after spending hours of looking that logic mistake but no luck. Here is the code:

#pragma strict

var health = 50;
var player:GameObject;
var EnemyDamage = 10;
var bulletHoleObject:GameObject;
var ShootPoint:GameObject; //The point where the enemy will shoot
var effect: Transform;
var currentTime: float;

var enemyShootCount = 0;
var IfGetNumberOfShootsCalled = false;
var numberOfShoots:int;

var clip:int;
var cover:GameObject;
var RandomShoot:Vector3; //Will add that random vector value to UserPlayer position, to randomise the shoots from the enemies.
var Shot:RaycastHit;

//Enemy cover system
var LoockedForTheFirstTime = false;

//Enemy navigation (nav mesh properties)
var agent: NavMeshAgent;
var UserPlayerPosition:Vector3; //get the position of the player so the enemy will shoot him

function DeductPoints(WeaponDamage: int){
	health = health - WeaponDamage;

function Start(){
	clip = 30;
	agent = GetComponent(NavMeshAgent);
	currentTime = Time.time;

function ShootRoutine(){
	var particleClone = Instantiate(effect, Shot.point, Quaternion.FromToRotation(Vector3(0,0,0),Shot.normal));
	Destroy(particleClone.gameObject, 2);

	if (!Shot.collider.gameObject.tag == "Player"){
		var bulletHole = Instantiate(bulletHoleObject, Shot.point, Quaternion.FromToRotation(Vector3.up, Shot.normal));
		Destroy(bulletHole.gameObject, 60);
	Debug.DrawRay(ShootPoint.transform.position, UserPlayerPosition * 1000,;
	enemyShootCount = enemyShootCount + 1;
	clip = clip - 1;


	if (Shot.collider.gameObject.tag == "Player"){
		Shot.transform.SendMessage("UserPlayerHealth" ,EnemyDamage ,SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver);
	currentTime = Time.time;

function Update () {

	var PointToPlayer:RaycastHit;
	UserPlayerPosition = player.transform.position - transform.position;
	//Debug.DrawRay(transform.position, UserPlayerPosition * 1000,;
	var distanceBetweenEnemyAndPlayer = Vector3.Distance (transform.position, player.transform.position); //The distance between the player and the enemy
	var EnemyAndClosestCoverDistance = Vector3.Distance(transform.position, cover.transform.position); //The distance between the enemy and the cover (We use it to get the closest distance between an enemy and a cover)

	// Shooting properties && ammo with reload

	if (distanceBetweenEnemyAndPlayer <= 50 || LoockedForTheFirstTime == true){
		if ((EnemyAndClosestCoverDistance < 50 || LoockedForTheFirstTime == true) && cover.GetComponent(coverProperties).availability == true){ //Checks if the distance between a cover point and a bot is less than 50
//				transform.position = Vector3.MoveTowards(transform.position, cover.transform.position, Time.deltaTime*7); //moves the bot directly to the cover point
			LoockedForTheFirstTime = true;
	//---end of covering---

	if (distanceBetweenEnemyAndPlayer <= 35){
		gameObject.GetComponent(Renderer).material.color =;
	else {
		gameObject.GetComponent(Renderer).material.color = Color.white;

	//Shooting properties

	if ((Time.time - currentTime >= 0.1) && (Physics.Raycast(ShootPoint.transform.position, UserPlayerPosition, Shot)) && distanceBetweenEnemyAndPlayer <= 50){
		Physics.Raycast(ShootPoint.transform.position, UserPlayerPosition, PointToPlayer); //Creates a Ray which points the Player all the time.
		if (PointToPlayer.collider.gameObject.tag == "Player"){ //checks if the PointToPlayer points on the Player (
			//The above if statement is useful because we want the bot to shoot the player only when the PointToPlayer is pointing on the player only.
			if (clip <= 0){
				currentTime = Time.time + 2.5;
				enemyShootCount = 0;
				IfGetNumberOfShootsCalled = false;
				clip = 30;
			if (IfGetNumberOfShootsCalled == false){
				numberOfShoots = GetNumberOfShoots();
				IfGetNumberOfShootsCalled = true;
			Debug.Log("enemyShootCount is " + enemyShootCount.ToString()  + " and numberOfShoots is " + numberOfShoots.ToString());
			if (enemyShootCount <= numberOfShoots){
				RandomShoot = Vector3(Random.Range(Shot.distance/(-10),Shot.distance/10),Random.Range(Shot.distance/(-10),Shot.distance/10),0);
				//Actual shooting
				if(Physics.Raycast(ShootPoint.transform.position, UserPlayerPosition - RandomShoot, Shot)){
					Physics.Raycast(transform.position, UserPlayerPosition, PointToPlayer); //Creates a Ray which points the Player all the time.
					if (PointToPlayer.collider.gameObject.tag == "Player"){ //checks if the PointToPlayer points on the Player (
					//The above if statement is useful because we want the bot to shoot the player only when the PointToPlayer is pointing on the player only.
				//----End of actual shooting----
			if (enemyShootCount == numberOfShoots){
				currentTime = Time.time + 0.5;
				enemyShootCount = 0;
				IfGetNumberOfShootsCalled = false; //enabling access to the second if statement, so we can call the GetNumberOfShoots function

	//----End of shooting properties---

	if (health <= 0){

function GetNumberOfShoots(){
	return Random.Range(5,15);

Pardon my huge code but the mistake can be anywhere in my code. I believe that has to do with the shootingRoutine but I am not sure. I tried stopCoroutine after line 111 but no luck.

I appreciate your help!

Why are you using StartCoroutine? It appears that you don’t yield at any point during that method so just call it directly without the StartCoroutine method.

If you need it for a coroutine for some other reason not displayed in this example I would move the setting of the currentTime variable outside of the coroutine to make sure you don’t delay that which could be causing your double ray.