Double sided Mesh for Visual Effects graph

Hello everyone!
I am trying to achieve a falling leafs effect with the visual effect graph. For this I have a slightly curved plane which I want to use for the Mesh Output. But I am struggeling with declaring that the corresponding texture should be applied on both sides of the mesh.

Where can I tell the Visual Effect Graph that I want a double sided-shader for the Mesh in the Mesh Outpot Node? I there any other workaroud for this?

In your VFX Graph, click on your output context (mines is a Output Particle Mesh). After clicking on the context, your inspector with change to inspect the contect. Find the ‘Cull Mode’ drop down and turn it to OFF.

If you select the ‘Output Particle Lit Mesh’ node, in the Inspector you will see a check box for ‘Double Sided’. However this does not seem to be working in Unity 2019.4.5f1. Anyone know why this might be? For the moment I am just having to duplicate the faces and flip the normals but I would rather not do this.