Double tap on iPhone very unreliable

I'm using the following code (Unity 3 Pro & Unity iPhone Pro):

var doubleTap : int;
function Update() {
   if(Input.GetTouch(0).tapCount>=2) {
      if (Input.GetTouch(0).phase==TouchPhase.Began) {

Running it from the editor using Unity iPhone remote for Unity 3, I can see the doubleTap figure rise when I double tap. However the double tap detection is very unreliable, with only a roughly 60% detection rate. Is this because I'm running it through the remote process? I haven't yet tried to put a standalone build onto my device. Alternatively, is there something wrong with my code?


Yes, Unity remote is not suppose to check for performance and is not reliable for accurate user inputs, this will work 100% better when built and running normally on the iphone itself.




Very short touches that take less than one frame will skip TouchPhase.Began and will reported as TouchPhase.Ended.