Double-vision at low frame rate?

I have noticed that when objects move quickly (or the camera in a RenderTexture moves quickly), there is a very clear perception of two ghosted frames over the top of each other, when running on device (i.e., as if you can see the previous and the current frame simultaneously). This is especially apparent when the game is running at 45 FPS instead of 90 FPS.

I have tried capturing the effect in a screen recording but it doesn’t show up. Is this some kind of known XR persistence of vision issue? I haven’t witnessed it in any of Apple’s native apps, but they don’t have many moving pieces, and they easily run at 90 FPS.

It’s easy to reproduce with e.g., an unlit white spinning cube and setting Application.targetFramerate to 45. (An example is in IN-57513 which I submitted for an unrelated performance issue).

Any guidance from XR veterans appreciated!

Thank you Alex, I’ve attached your comment to the Incident you flagged, and it’s making its way through the usual bug triage rounds internally. When we’ve more details, we’ll share back.