Doubts with Unity IOS license


I have some time now trying Unity in my pc and loving it. Now I decided to begin with my first iphone proyect, but i'm very confussed by the license, what's the cheapest configuration for one developer?, IOS basic costs $399, but a free version of Unity is required ?, or do i need to buy an Unity pro license.

And calling native code from the Apple SDK, for example to send mails or access microtransactions, it's an Unity IOS pro only feature ?, or can i do it with IOS basic.

Thanks for your help.

For iOS, you just need a free Unity license.

For iOS Pro, you need a Unity Pro license as well.

Regarding plugins - you can do it on both normal and Pro, so in your case you just need to buy the $399 iOS license for the features you want

but i noticed you said unity on "PC", dont forget that you cannot develop for iphone on PC you will need a mac to work with iphone :)