Downcasting Array to int (without #pragma downcast)

How can I cast a single element from an Array to an integer, while #pragma strict is on, and without using #pragma downcast?

#pragma strict
private var			_index : int = 1;
private var			possibleIndices : Array = new Array();
private var			currentIndex : int;

// the following only works when #pragma downcast is active
locationIndex = possibleLocations[_index];

// the following fails when #pragma downcast is not active
locationIndex = possibleLocations[_index] as int;

I don’t think you can - there’s no cast operator

I would honestly skip on using Array, it’s untyped and will cause a fairly large amount of garbage when boxing/unboxing your ints

Instead, use a List., like so:

import System.Collections.Generic;
private var possibleIndices = new List.<int>();

You can then use .Add to add things in, and access items with possibleIndices as before