Download and IMPORT .obj to Android

hi @AgentMilkshake1 ,

Can you help me about downloading and importing .obj file in android device and show the my scene run time ?

Hey there

It was a long time ago so lets see if I can remember! Also if it’s cool I’d rather explain on here rather than via email, hopefully the many others following this question will be able to benefit from the answer.

I think I downloaded a suitable runtime obj importer, after a quick google there is a free Runtime OBJ Importer (Runtime OBJ Importer | Modeling | Unity Asset Store) This wasn’t the one I used but it looks suitable due to the fact it works during runtime and not just in editor.
EDIT:Turns out this was the one I used!

As for the download part, I believe I used webcalls (potentially via CURL) to download the OBJ from the source URL (determined via a URL in a JSON file that was again gained via a webcall to the server service I was working with.

When you download the file, you should know where the file was saved, this way you should then be able to specify the file location to the OBJ importer. You can then follow the documentation with your selected runtime OBJ importer to load it into your scene.

I hope that was somewhat useful - as I said, it’s been a very long time (about 15 months) since I first implemented this, and I don’t have the project available to check the exact details. However, the above steps should be fairly easy to replicate using Google to help you find out how to make web calls in Unity, find a suitable Runtime OBJ Importer, and then load it from the downloaded file.

All the best