Download content from server without AssetBundles

I’m developing an iPad app. I need to download a 3D model of a house on runtime and be able to interact with it.

The user will:

-Download the app

-Input user and password

-Download a 3D file and save it on the device

-Load it

-View their own house

So it’s never going to be the same 3D model, that’s why I have a database on a server which holds the reference of all the houses that can be viewed.

I’ve done some research and everything points to AssetBundles, hopefully someone can give me a way around it. I know how to use the WWW class but can’t find a way to do what I want without AssetBundles.

Hope anyone can help and thank you!

Use AssetBundles. If you do not have Pro, then you will need to write code that can fetch the models in some format that you can work with, so, perhaps OBJ format. You will then need to create the Mesh model from that file. See the Mesh documentation for help with creating objects at run-time.

Thanks! I’m looking into it.

Also, do you think streaming assets would work for this as well?