Download from FTP

Hello guys,
I have a FTP that contains a bunch of files and it’s protected by user and password.

I’m trying to pull an image from it and assign it to a geometry.

this is the code I’m using

public static IEnumerator urlTexture(){
	string url = "ftp://username:password@HOST_IP/images/00013/01_01.jpg";
	Debug.Log ("Request sent");
	GlobalVariables.myUrl [1] = new WWW (url_left);
	yield return GlobalVariables.myUrl [1];

This code works just fine whenever I pull an image from a http address without having to provide credentials.
The credentials are correct but it’s just not working.

If I get the Url[1].url and paste the string it returns in my browser (both firefox and chrome), it works perfectly.

any clue about why it’s not working from Unity?

Thank you very much

From the documentation:

 "ftp:// protocol support is limited to anonymous downloads only."

You should really try reading the manual: “ftp protocol support is limited to anonymous downloads only