Download images from server and storing it in Resources.


I have UI Listview, where each element will have an Image. According to this Documentation, I can get image from url and assign it to my Image UI via renderer.

However, there is a problem. I will have more than 300 elements and each of them got their images stored in server. Calling every time WWW class that will download images and assign them to UI is a bad solution.

I need to download them only once and assign them to UI from my game itself. I know that I can get images from resources folder.

Is it possible to download and save images inside Resources folder?

It is not possible to save images inside Resources at runtime.
Your best option is to cache all the images on the device hdd. You have 2 options, use this method (it will check if the file exists on the hdd, if exists - will load the image, if not - will download the image and cache it). Or you can write your own manager to take care of the download and caching