Download stop at 99%

Hi guys

When i download the unity (any version) , it stop at 99% . Also use Internet download manager . What happened ? Please help !

  1. Get google chrome
  2. download unity
  3. install
  4. don’t use explorer

I’m sorry to say but you can expect all kinds of weird things when you download cracked software from torrents. I hope you didn’t get some kind of virus or trojan with your download, but to be sure I would run some virusscans and malware scans, or completely reinstall windows to be sure nothing is hijacking your PC.

I downloaded the real unity on my computer, it has the software requirements, but it gets stuck on 99%,
I tried to see if clicking it would help, it froze, i tried to recover it, it had a seizure then crashed, it keeps repeating, I don’t even know why this is happening…,I’ve had the same problem, it works like normal, then once the download hits 99 it doesn’t progress, attempting to click on there to see what’s happening my unity freezes, i try to recover it unity spasms out and crashes.

Just turn off windows security from settings.,Just turn off windows defender. It will download smoothly.

(a) I’ve tried on both Mac and Windows 10. It still gets stuck
(b) Chrome is for saps who love giving away all their personal infomation - get Brave or something similar
(c) Software from Torrents? No one mentioned torrents- feel free to stumble your way back to the nursing home (try not to scream at the sky for spying on you while you’re walking).
(d) Only one answer was useful and that was to turn off “defender” however (as I said earlier) I also use Mac and it’s more advanced and doesn’t need such “protection” (Macs don’t have enough users to tempt 8 year old boys to break it in order to get “cred”). That being said my Windows 10 isn’t using defender but it’s still stuck at 99%.

It looks like Unity is just run by amateurs as this problem has been a problem for years. I’m guessing the people who started this website still think MySpace is dominating the internet.